gratitude move

About the Gratitude Move

Join us for the 2nd Annual My-Vida Gratitude Move 2021! All funds raised will go directly to the work of My-Vida, as we support caregivers and the loved ones they care for who are living with chronic, life-altering conditions, identified from birth through adulthood, to thrive in their daily lives, by fostering resilience and root connectedness in the individual, family, and community. Your support is critical in launching our “Resalire at Home” support for families. “Resalire” is the Latin root word of resilience, meaning “to spring back,” and resilience is the single most important quality that individuals living with chronic conditions and their caregivers and families must possess in order to thrive in their lives. The goal of the personalized in-home will be to provide all members of the family opportunities for education, personal growth, life skills, self-care, and time to connect as both a family as well as in community with other individuals who are on similar life journeys.

In these uncertain and chaotic times, we must find ways to continue to thrive, and connecting with others while moving our bodies is one of the best ways to do this! Add in a little dedicated gratitude each day, with a focus on making positive changes rooted in My-Vida’s “Power of 7”—seven elements that are essential for any strong community — resilience, respect, knowledge, courage, love, strength, and perseverance, and you’ve got a recipe to make some serious impact in the lives of those around you (and likely yourself, while you’re at it.)

Join the Move

Here’s the scoop: Connect with some friends and/or family in teams of 7 people–all ages, all abilities, all backgrounds, all genders, all races, all identities, all bodies—and make a commitment to MOVE your body every day for the week of November 30-December 6, 2021. This movement can be anything that works for you and everyone on the team can do something different–we’re talking walking the dog, swimming a few laps, running 7 miles or 7 blocks, yoga for an hour or yoga for 7 minutes, biking around your neighborhood or biking in your living room, or just a dance party in your kitchen solo or with your kids! Any movement works!

Each day we will share with you a focus to include in your movement, along with a My-Vida Gratitude Move Playlist for the day to give you some musical inspiration, all rooted in the elements of the “Power of 7”–resilience, respect, knowledge, courage, love, strength, and perseverance–(and that playlist will be built from songs all participants in the Move, so be sure to include some of your favorite songs  here to our collaborative playlist that give a feeling of gratitude or just inspire you to move along with your registration fee of $7 per person, or $49 for the whole team!)

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